Mill Creek Mobile Bottling Line

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Mill Creek Mobile Bottling Services is the only mobile service employing a permanent, professional hand crew trained in packaging clients’ wines. The rates quoted for services include full workman’s compensation coverage and other employer costs. Employee costs related to downtime due to equipment problems is absorbed by MCMBS. Most of the bottling team has had a minimum of three years employment on our line and have been selected for their continued attention to packaging details.

Bottling includes bottle sparging, light vacuum gravity filling, wine level adjustment, vacuum corking, case packing, case sticker and/or stamp application and pallet stacking.

Labeling includes automatic foil application, foil spinning, pressure sensitive labeling, case packing and taping, case sticker and/or stamp application and pallet stacking.

Special services are available such as repackaging in six-bottle units using the MCMBS team. Call or email for details.

The MCMBS line runs at a “civilized” 50 bottles per minute netting approximately 200 cases per hour or 1,400 cases during an 8 hour day, allowing for 2 – 15 minute breaks and one half hour for end-of-day cleanup. Daily production is reduced by about 50 cases per wine change and 150 cases per package change. Production rates vary depending on packaging specifications and quality and filter changes.

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For additional information, and to schedule a bottling date,
please contact us.

Bill Kreck – Proprietor
P. O. Box 758
Healdsburg, CA 95448
(O) 707 433 5098
(C) 707 696 4665


Mill Creek Mobile Bottling Services