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Specifications & Requirements

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  • Access Requirements
    The MCMBS line is housed in a 34-foot “gooseneck” trailer transported by a ¾ ton pickup.  Although fairly maneuverable, adequate working space should be allowed for access, turning and setting up the trailer, plus space behind the trailer for positioning pallets of empty glass and bottled wine, on a hard surface of concrete, asphalt or shale, not to exceed a slope of 2% in any direction.
  • Electrical Requirements
    The line requires a dedicated power source of at least 50 amps, 240 volts, 3 phase supplied via a Killark Model WRWJS-604 receptacle, a Leviton Model 460C9W receptacle or 50 amp disconnect box.
  • Water Source
    Clean potable water is required with a minimum of 30 psi and 10 gpm via a standard hose outlet within 50 feet of the designated setup location. Wastewater disposal at winery’s discretion.
  • Wines
    Wines must be “bottle ready” upon arrival of MCMBS including polish or sterile filtration if desired by winemaker.  In line filtration to the bottling line is not allowed.  Delays due to last minute adjustments, high filter pressures and filter changes will be billed at the standby rate.  Wines must be at least 58 degrees Fahrenheit to assure proper fill level and prevent condensation on bottles.
  • Filters
    MCMBS employs two 30 inch, Code 7 filter housings in series which can be fitted with a .45 or a .65 membrane filter and/or a .5 micron pre-filter or 10 micron “bug catcher” filter, supplied by MCMBS at market price or by client.  Special order filters require two weeks lead time for delivery.
  • Wine Delivery
    MCMBS uses a 1” Yamada diaphragm pump via 80’ of wine hose fitted with 1 ½” Tri-Clover fittings to deliver wine from tank to bottling trailer inlet.  Additional hose, clamps and gaskets necessary to reach the trailer inlet and reducer and adapter fittings to 1 ½” Tri-Clover to be supplied by client.
  • Bottle Specification
    The GAI 3001 monobloc filler corker can accommodate 375mL and 750mL bottles with diameters from 60mm through 89mm and heights from 165 mm through 350 mm.  Bottle neck sizes can vary from 28.75 mm through 34 mm.  Cork or synthetic closures can be up to 2 inches in length.  Bottles heights exceeding 5 times their diameter are not stable on the equipment and often result in reduced production speeds incurring standby rates.  Note:  Bottles from old or warped molds often result in creases in the labels.  Call MCMBS for further information.  The GAI 3001 is not screw cap capable.
  • Capsule Specification
    The GAI 6060 employs an automatic capsule applicator, six head rotary capsule spinner or heat shrink head, when heat shrink capsules are used.  Capsules can be of tin, poly laminate or heat shrink material.  Diameters can range from 28.75 mm through 34 mm and length from 50 mm through 70 mm.  Note:  Some capsules tend to stick together resulting in the need for hand application.  This, in turn, results in reduced production rates and standby charges.  Call MCMBS for further information.
  • Label Specification
    The GAI 6060 uses an in-line, vacuum belt, two-station pressure sensitive labeler.  Labels are to be wound Industry Standard #4 (Outside wound, left side of label leaving web first) with a minimum of one-eighth inch between labels.  Labels can be mounted front and back on same web or front labels on one web and back labels on a separate web.  MCMBS recommends larger roll diameters, but not to exceed 13 inches.  When there is only one roll of labels per wine lot, client is responsible for generating labels to be used on cases from that roll.  MCMBS recommends labels mounted on separate webs for use on tapered and all others on same web.  Label height not to exceed 185 mm. Spacing between labels on bottles not less than 15 mm.   Note:  Larger labels on imperfect bottles tend to bubble and crease.  This is a function of labels to bottles and is not caused by labeling machinery.
  • Staff
    MCMBS supplies all packaging labor as part of the service.  Client needs to designate one parson responsible for line sanitation and delivery of packaging materials to the trailer.  Client also needs to supply one forklift operator to supply trailer with empty glass and removal of palletized wine.  Delays due to material delivery will be billed at the standby rate.
  • Quality Control
    The MCMBS professional team recognizes the importance of quality control and is constantly on the lookout for irregularities in the finished package, but ultimately it is the client’s responsibility to approve line sterility, package component application, case labels, etc.  Unless requested by client to the contrary, vacuum tests are taken and recorded at two pallet intervals.  MCMBS assumes no responsibility for the biological stability of bottled product. 
  • Library
    MCMBS reserves the right to retain one bottle per wine lot for quality assurance purposes.
  • Hourly Rates
    The MCMBS line runs at a standard rate of about 200 cases per hour.  Delays in delivery of packaging materials, faulty packaging materials, irregular packages (tall, slender, or tapered bottles), high filter pressures, filter changes or other delays beyond the control of MCMBS, resulting in bottling delays or production rates below 125 cases per hour will be billed at the standby rate.
  • Cancellation Fee
    A cancellation fee will be assessed for cancellations by client within 28 days from scheduled bottling date.

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