Mill Creek Mobile Bottling Line

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The Team

Bill Kreck began his career in the wine industry in the mid 1960s when his brother, father and he planted a small vineyard in the Dry Creek Valley of Sonoma County. Still in high school, Bill worked after school and weekends in its development. In 1969, the family expanded the vineyards with the purchase of property on Westside Road and also converted it to premium varietal grapes. By 1975, the construction of a premium winery was complete and Mill Creek Vineyards and Winery began operations.

Jumping ahead to 2001, Bill and Yvonne’s son, Jeremy, had taken the reigns of the family winery. The enterprise needed a new bottling line and Bill thought the time was right to “go mobile” with a small line installed in a trailer to service Mill Creek and perhaps other local wineries. Within four years, the first and second trailers were replaced with the current, much faster, line. What started as a part-time venture turned into Mill Creek Mobile Bottling Services.

Listening to his clients, Bill recognized their concerns for consistency, reliability and package quality in the finished products. He decided the only way to “get it right” was to hire a permanent crew and train them in the processes of packaging. Mill Creek Mobile Bottling Services became, and still is, the only mobile service with a permanent, professional crew. The Team, Mark, Arnulfo, Andres, Mariela, Yolanda and Juan will see to it your package looks right when the box is opened by your customers.

We hope you take a few minutes to come watch our line in operation or contact one of our many clients for a reference.

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For additional information, and to schedule a bottling date,
please contact us.

Bill Kreck – Proprietor
P. O. Box 758
Healdsburg, CA 95448
(O) 707 433 5098
(C) 707 696 4665


Mill Creek Mobile Bottling Services